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Professional high-quality therapy and diagnosis
in the best hospitals of Southern Germany and Switzerland.

World famous doctors!

In Germany the most progressive and best medical treatment is not necessarily only to be found in the capital or large regional centres. This is important to know and to consider when choosing a clinic. A specialist clinic in a small town can well be a leading, famous one. And this is – more often than not – the rule, not an exception.

Our partners

Centre for Hand Surgery
Professor Krimmer

Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Krimmer
International Bone Research Association)

Sports Clinic Ravensburg

Leading specialists in the field of
shoulder and knee surgery. Their patients
– world class athletes
(medical advisor of the German national
ice hockey team)

Dr. med Hubert Frick

Dr. med Martin Volz

Dreiländer Hospital Ravensburg

Day case surgery, day case paediatric surgery on the highest level.

Dr. med. Edo Awani


Kreuzlingen / Konstanz
(Switzerland / Germany)

Cardiac surgery

We cooperate successfully with leading hospitals in Southern Germany and Switzerland and offer you comprehensive information about a vast scope of treatment options.

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Судариков Алексей Александрович
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Велян Севак Валерьевич
тел. 8-918 4159955


Леонов Андрей Викторович
тел. + 7 920 568 7004

in Ukraine


Рета Олег Павлович
тел. + 380 501 92 35 05

in Kazakhstan

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Чуприна Андрей Михайлович
тел. +7707 90 05 995

г Шымкент

Жалимбетов Бахыт
тел. 8-701 7155967

г Алма-Ата

Калдарбек Гульбану
тел. 8-701 7776718

к Боровое

Пономарёв Александр Борисович
тел. 8- 716 3073470

in Greece

г Афины

Pashalidi Konstantin
тел. 694 6092380